Kurdish Conference: Russia should approach Kurds' demand positively

The Kurdish Conference in Moscow has ended following evaluations on the international conspiracy and isolation on Öcalan, Kurdish struggle, genocidal attacks they face amid the ongoing war in the Middle East.

Kurdish Conference: Russia should approach Kurds' demand positively

The 6th Kurdish Conference that began in the Russian capital Moscow has ended. The second session of the Kurdish Conference, titled "Third War of Allocation in the Middle East", began with the speech of HDP Urfa Parliamentarian Osman Baydemir.


In his speech, Baydemir touched upon international powers' desire to divide Kurdish people and the political genocide in Turkey. Baydemir emphasized that many people including HDP Co-chairs and parliamentarians remain in jail, and criticized Russia's silence on this issue. Recalling the genocidal attacks in North Kurdistan, Baydemir pointed out that the AKP itself carried out a political coup after the coup attempt of last summer.

HDP MP also recalled the closure of media organizations, academies and Kurdish institutions as well as the arrest of journalists, adding: "The Kurdish issue can be resolved through democratic methods. Today, Kurds in Rojava demand a federation and we agree with them. If a federation is so bad, why does it exist in Germany, the US and Russia?"


PUK parliamentarian İzzet Sabir İsmail participating in the conference from South Kurdistan noted that Kurds in North Kurdistan continue to pay a heavy price, and evaluated the developments in Rojava and Shengal. İsmail emphasized the importance of Kurds' joint struggle against ISIS and the need for national unity.

Speaking after, Tevgera Azadi Administrator Hisen Kerkuki pointed out that Kurds are leading democracy in the Middle East, and said "Kurdish people from Xaneqin to Efrin came together for the same goal and repelled ISIS attacks. Kurds should immediately form political unity and play their role during this process when the Middle East is being redesigned. South Kurdistan Parliament is currently dysfunctional but should have played a role in such a process."


Kobanê Canton President Enver Müslim emphasised that: "Kobanê was an important test for the Kurds, and became a town where all the Kurds united and shared a sentiment. In this sense, the struggle in Kobanê is being talked about a lot today. International powers supported different terrorist organizations in order to change the regime in Syria. Most recently, the ISIS terrorism was supported, regime-held areas and Kurdish regions were attacked. Kobanê is one of such places. Various groups backed by Turkey started to attack Rojava Kurdistan after Kurds defeated the ISIS in Kobanê. Turkey even went on to attack Rojava itself. There is no single village or town on the Rojava-Turkey border that Turkey has not attacked. Turkey attacks us at every opportunity and does not want Kurds to have will and power. Today, Kurds govern themselves in Rojava. They do everything themselves. They organize all aspects of life and want to govern themselves without relying on anyone. Russia is an important power in the region, and the constitution draft it has prepared is important but inadequate for us. Kurds have put forth their projects and want Syria to have a federation system. This demand of Kurds should be approached positively by Russia."


Goran Parliamentarian Şerko Hama Amin Qadır spoke later, saying the followings: "As the Goran Movement, we value the gains of Kurdish people and make a particular effort to act with a national stance. Kurds have always been sacrificed to the interests of the states in the region. But today, they will protect their own interests and take their part in the new developments. The struggle waged by the Kurdish youth has received the attention of the globe. The ongoing war has become a struggle for existence for Kurdish people. Kurdish parties should peacefully enhance their struggle and work for the future of Kurdistan. I would like to state that we support a federation in Syria. Kurds can secure their rights in the Northern Syria Federation. By no means can we accept the Turkish state's attacks on the Kurdish people in North Kurdistan. Turkey should end its attacks immediately and no state should accept Turkey's treatment of Kurdish people. Steps should be taken in order for the Kurds to live within the borders of Turkey with their own identities. PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan was captured and handed over to Turkey through an international conspiracy 18 years ago today. Light must be shed on this conspiracy and Öcalan must be freed."


HDP Urfa Parliamentarian Dilek Öcalan said "International powers united and captured the Kurdish People's Leader 18 years ago. Russia was among these powers. Those that do not want Kurds are still in power today. However, Kurds want a co-existence with the peoples in the region. Those who think they assume themselves authorized to do everything are killing the Kurdish people. Kurds do not deserve this. International powers should give up on this dirty game against the Kurds and develop dialogue with them instead. Kurds are not bound to the Geneva and Astana talks, to which they are not invited.

A process began in North Kurdistan thanks to the great efforts made by Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan. Some powers did everything they could to end this process. The AKP chose the easy option and ended the process. Öcalan has been denied meeting with his lawyers and family for nearly 5 years. Such an isolation is unprecedented in the history of humanity. The Turkish state will not be able to account for this inhumane isolation. The AKP government has destroyed civilian areas, arrested parliamentarians and usurped municipalities in order to break the will of Kurdish people. Hundreds of NGOs and media organizations have been shut down. Academics and intellectuals have been lynched and dismissed. The struggle of Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan, Kurdish Women's Movement and Kurdish Freedom Movement has defeated the international conspiracy against Kurds that was launched 18 years ago. The current crisis in the Middle East can only be overcome through the democratic confederalism proposed by Abdullah Öcalan. We are going through a crucial process. Let us do everything we can today; tomorrow may be too late."


Speaking after, Strategic Modeling Center Deputy President Grigori Pavlovich stated that: "I believe that certain transformations in the Middle East will accelerate with the election of the new US President. The question is: Will Trump side with freedom fighters, or the opposite? Again, it is important if Russia will fulfill its responsibility on this issue. Important assessments have been made throughout the conference, nobody should underestimate the gains Kurds have made, especially in Rojava. The Turkish state is putting a lot of pressure on Kurds in North Kurdistan. However, Kurds are not the Kurds of the past. Turks will lose by confronting them."


Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan’s Lawyer Ebru Günay: "Today is February 15. I would like to begin my speech by condemning the international conspiracy. There are some states that are economically, diplomatically and militarily powerful. These states eliminate all initiatives that may threaten their interests, no matter who is wrong and who is right. Kurds are one of these parties. During our meetings with him at İmrali prison, Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan always told us "They carried out the conspiracy against me because I did not do what they wanted me to do. Do not lose your hope." After he was taken to İmrali Island, Öcalan has faced with pressures and isolation. Öcalan is kept on an island under the control of international powers. Therefore, İmrali is no different than the Guantanamo prison. They want to break Öcalan's will and make him surrender. But nothing is coincidental in the Middle East. All these attacks on the Kurdish people, the sale of Kurdish women in markets, emergence of ISIS and ISIS' identification of Kurds as the main enemy is not a coincidence. These are planned attempts to make Kurds surrender and break their will. If you noticed, the bombings of HDP rallies in Amed and Ankara, the massacre in Suruç, the destruction of Kurdish towns have all happened at a time when Kurds grew stronger and this is not an ordinary situation.

The powers that could not make Öcalan surrender on İmralı want to weaken Öcalan's will by pressuring the Kurds. There is an inhumane treatment at Imrali Island that defies the principles of international law. Öcalan's most basic demands even are not met. After the failed coup attempt on July 15, the AKP government took a step further in its harsh treatment of Kurds. Even the most democratic countries in the world forget about the principles of law and democracy when it comes to Imrali Island. This illustrates the dimensions of the isolation that is taking place on İmrali Island."


Middle East Institute President Yefim Leonidovich: "After the new administration took office in the US, everyone said that Trump called Erdoğan very late. I don't think this is the situation. Some intelligence members from the US came to Ankara for important meetings before Trump took office. This shows how important Ankara is for Trump. Erdoğan will establish relations with anyone in order to weaken the Kurdish Freedom Movement, He even meets with powers from South Kurdistan that he had rejected in the past. He might meet with Goran and other parties in addition to the KDP. Erdoğan wants to use the Kurds in order to reach his goals. We can say that he has somewhat been successful in this. After Turkey downed the Russian warplane on the Syria-Turkey border on November 24, 2015, Kurds used Russian weapons to down a Turkish plane. This was covered by the press and showed how effective Kurds are in the region."

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